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Daniel Barreto: Tree Homes for Gnomes

I’ve always been fascinated with gnomes. My yard is filled with them. I also have little doors fashioned by the trees. If you listen carefully, you may hear the door open and close.

Recently, artist Daniel Barreto fashioned a set of miniature homes set in a nearby forrest. He is an artist of 21 years who lives and studies in Boston, Massachusetts. What makes the photo imagery fascinating is he has set the photo manipulation in a moveable GIF image.

In making these images, Daniel reveals these are a “series of photo-manipulation . . . combining parts of houses on trees.”

These little tree dwellings are set in a forest of snow with inviting lights flickering in the dark. The first image may be a bar that reveals an “open” sign in the window. In the second image, there appear to be multiple dwellings or apartments throughout the forrest. In the third image, there appears to be a strobe of light flashing up a tree like an elevator of sorts.

I recently wrote to Daniel on this project and he writes:

“The idea just came at me suddenly and I was thinking about it for long time on how to accomplish it and what would it take. I started to work on the series around mid March. I went to New Hampshire woods to take lots and lots of different trees and angles thinking about my perspective to them and the perspective I was going to have when I face houses or buildings(To make it more realistic). In Boston I took a few photos from my balcony and a lot more from walking around Commonwealth Avenue. The stressful part was choosing like the best looking trees and the best looking windows or doors and at the same time making them compatible. I used Adobe programs Lightroom for the simple edition turning down the exposure in some of the trees images to make it more of night look and for the combination of the photographs I used Photoshop. At the start I wasn’t thinking too much about animating them but I make a test and I loved it, it just make it more alive. It was a mess on trying to synchronize all the lights and at the same just making something stay the same plus trying to save it for web devices perfectly to make it able to work on Tumblr. At the end It was worth it and I planned to still work on a few more.”

Click here to visit Daniel’s website and Facebook page to see more of his wonderful art work, illustrations and photos.

Gif Images:

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