Unusual Places

Have you ever seen really unique places in your travels?  Well, I’ve got the website for you!  Go visit unusual places. Check out places like Gibb’s Farm, in New Zealand.  This place hosts some of the most unique ground sculptures in the world.   What about one of […]

Revisiting David Zinn

I recently saw David Zinn on Bored Panda and a cute video release.  I originally featured David in my Featured Street Art post some time ago. David Zinn is a modern street artist who has been creating street art in Ann Arbor, Michigan since the 1987.  David’s street […]

Movies to Watch in 2017

2017 may be considered the year of the sequel.  Many movies to be released will include sequels to movies such as Prometheus, Resident Evil, King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider man, Despicable me franchise and much more. It will also be considered the year of the reboot […]